The Tiger Sharks

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The Tiger Sharks at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Dannyb (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Egro, Goldblend, Jimmybobboy, Mschmchr, Oxbridge, Strojas (ALL are dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Dragon Slayers
Founded 13 May, 2007
Dormant as of 6 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Tiger Sharks is a crew of the Emerald Ocean and currently sails under the Dragon Slayers flag.


The Tiger Sharks was founded by captain Goldblend on May 13, 2007, on the former Hunter Ocean.

Captaincy history

  1. Goldblend
  2. Mschmchr
  3. Dannyb

Public statement

Welcome to The Tiger Sharks! Enemies Beware!

Crew higher ranks

Captain : Dannyb

Senior Officers:Egro, Goldblend, Jimmybobboy, Mschmchr, Oxbridge, Strojas

Fleet Officers :Jimboi, Littlewave, Mikeygirl, Onehit

Officers :Cabinlassy, Cyndiloo, Impulsez, Jim, Jonniejr, Miketheshoe, Nadya, Octorok, Palomitaa, Portal, Witchkat, Xenomorphe, Xliner, Zeroxray

Crew stalls

Crew rules

  1. PTB *shipname* (Permission to Board) - this is necessary to ask before boarding any vessel.
    ^Example: PTB Mean Silverside^
    If the officer in charge says GRANTED you may board that ship; however, if the officer in charge says FULL, you unfortunately cannot board the vessel. This is due to the fact the vessel that is pillying is at full capacity. But fear not we run pillys all day long!!!!
  2. Respect : this is one of the key factors in our crew, without respect there is no crew!! Respect your higher ranks (Officers, Senior Officers and especially the Captain)
  3. Do not under any circumstances SPAM the chat OR send tells about ranks during a pilly as the leading officer in charge will be distracted from their station (and is very annoying).
  4. There will be NO swearing or abusive/rude comments tolerated in this crew, you WILL be planked off of the vessel which you were aboard and EXPELLED from the crew immediately, also resulting in a report being filed with the OMs (Ocean Master)

Ranks and promotions

Please Note - No one can join this crew at any level other than pirate at beginning, irrelevant or stats or previous rank held before joining. Our crew is based on trust and loyalty not just stats, we have lots of unlocked vessels for our officers and higher to use, therefore we like to get to know crew members before ranking. Once we know you a little bit we can then discuss officer station. There isn't any rank jumping either in this crew.

Cabin person

Have read and understood the rules. Just ask at the end of any pilly, ask any Officer or higher


2 Narrows in any ships skills . Ask a higher rank to check your stats then if you have them ask to be ranked up.


To become an Officer, the pirate has to have been in the crew for at least a few days and have BROAD in sailing, carp, bilge and gunning to show they are able to take any station at a given time. As well as these BROADS you must have NARROW in nav. and bnav.

The pirate has to go through a OFFICER TRAINING. This includes a basic pillage showing the officer in charge that this pirate is able to run their own pillage.

Fleet officer

To befome a Fleet Officer, the pirate must have been a good crew member while in the officer rank and gain the trust/respect of the other crew mates and have good stats (Solid +). Captain will then conduct a secret vote using 5 crew members to vote aye or nay for your promotion. If successful ye will receive the title of Fleet Officer.

Senior officer

All senior officers are decided by Capt Dannyb or S.O Goldblend and is based on loyalty, service to the crew and general game attitude / attendance. Her decision is final and unquestionable.

External links

Crew please register here for their chat forum.