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Important.gif The List below is a compendium of developer comments in response to suggestions made by the community. This list does not represent internal development priorities nor does it confirm that the features mentioned will be implemented into the game.
The List consists of links to public comments made by various members of the development team in chronological order. The developers may have plans for the game that do not entail anything on this page.


First, however, a warning from the desk of the Captain himself:

Cleaver wrote: Oh my, I am very excited by our ideas here, but I am going to be tight-lipped...we don't want to set the expectations that 'all these fantastic things' are going to be in the game real soon now; even if we can see a clear *design* path to them, by the time we get to implementation other things may have changed, and it could be some time in the future. We just don't know, yet...[1]

Distant Times (2002)

Yo Ho Ho! Instant Messenger
Sea Monsters
  • Currently linked to Atlantis but there could be future ones which are not
  • Cleaver

Fading Memories (2003)

Adventure Islands
Cliff Guns in Blockades
Story-Telling Carousing Game
Player-Generated Music
Inter-Ship Communication
Repairing Ships in Port
  • Rather than the existing resetting in port after 30 minutes (undisturbed), this feature refers to being able to speed the repairs while in port
  • Nemo
  • Nemo
  • Nemo
  • Nemo
Player Production of Memorized Charts
Route Discovery via Navigation and Cartography
Armadas and True Multi-Ship Pillaging
Sea Battle Board Variation (Already up in a way, in event blockades)
Crew Bank Accounts
Limited Inventory
Pirate Notoriety
Crew Forums
Piratey Mail System
Books In-Game
Fine-Grained Crew Controls (flexible crew permissions)
Monthly Plunder List
Following Targeted Ships
Recording Puzzles for Playback and Sharing
Auction Houses
  • Initially Consignment Shoppes were planned:
  • However the consignment process was deemed too slow and auction houses would be more suitable
Review of Player Naming Limits
Earning Visible, NPP-Style Titles
Island Paving and Customization
Revamp the Full-Screen Chat History
Extended Ranking Information
More Complex, Player-Run Banking

Possibly superseded by the Global Purse

Variation in the Duty Puzzles

Partially implemented via Rigging and Patching.

Mutual Disengage Option
Water Effects
Improvement to News Posting Interface(s)
Crowd Control Tools
Reworked Chat Circle Formation Code
  • Cleaver
  • Cleaver
    • Storms that make sailing more interesting or dangerous, on the list. Weather as visual effect; not on the list.
  • Nemo
Long-Term Ship Maintenance, Repair
Commodity Decay
Flag Logos/Graphics
Parts of Puzzle Pirates on cell phones and whatnot; also to a lesser degree of interest, standalone puzzles on desktop and laptop computers


Sweet Days of Yesteryear (2004)

Arbitrary Chat Groups
Island Minimap Matching Island Shape
Record Number of Times Pirate has been Sunk on Info Page
Surrender Option
Group Tournaments
Pay to Escrow Checkbox
Insta-Brigand Skill/Size Variety
Better Brigand AI (Always getting better, so, kind of done)

The Recent Past (2005)

Poker tournaments
Keyboard equivalent for the turn about button when sailing a ship and other functions
Delivering orders directly to the rack (especially for Doubloon Oceans)
Showing the colors of orders in shoppe or stall records (Not likely to happen soon)
Alternate Tournament Structures
Shoppe/stall Management Browser Based Client
Plans for the existing bank building
Brawl countdown more visible
Display swords used by pirates in brawl lobby
Display experience in addition to standing of pirates in brawl lobby
Furniture to store whisking potions, charts and bid tickets
Tailor racks as furniture
Duty puzzle practice station furniture
Greenie might calculations
Display rooms / model houses
Non-productive crafting puzzles in houses
Display cases to hold untradeable trinkets
XML-RPC export of in-game data

The More-Recent Past (2006)

Rugs or editable floor tiles (Not in the near future)
Records of sunk ships

The Near-Present (2007)

Converting the competition trinkets and ones like sea battle into trophies

The Not-Too-Distant Future (2008)

Reduce vagueness of vessel records for Black Ship intervention
Refer a friend who's new to Puzzle Pirates to Puzzle Pirates Adventures
  • Bungleton
    • Puzzle Pirates Adventures is currently offline, whether it will return is not known.

The Undiscovered Country (2009)

Button to decline jobbing pirate application

The Lost Years (2010-2011)

Back to the Future (2012)

Make booty items stackable where appropriate

Phoning home (2013)

Phone client version to be considered in the future

Historical Notes

Legerdemain performed the original research to compile the List.[2]

Attesmythe maintained an updated version[3] until The List was moved to the YPPedia.

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