Technical Issues

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Technical.gif This article relates to a technical issue within the game.
Visit the Technical Issue section of the forum if you wish to discuss this or any other issues.

Technical Issues is a section of the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums. Players having technical difficulties should visit there first. Technical difficulties include being unable to run the game client, problems with the forums, missing game sound, and other such game-related technical problems. They do not include the in-game economy, brigand difficulty or payouts, and other Game Design issues.

If you have a technical problem

  1. The Server Status thread should be checked first if you cannot connect to a server.
  2. There are several useful stickies in the forum that should be checked to see if they pertain to your problem.
  3. Finally, try Technical_Issues/Discussion to see if your issue has already been addressed.
  4. Check the Technical Issues Category to see if there is a relevant article

If you are having an issue with the client reporting errors, you will probably be asked to provide the logfiles. Directions on how to find and post the logfiles are in this thread.

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