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I wasn't sure how to handle the distinction between the trade that pirates can do by clicking on beady little heads and the trading that goes on economywise...any thoughts on this? --Guppymomma 25 July 2005 13:47 (PDT)

(I know we have a plurals policy, but what's the standard usage here? Trading or Trade?) Redirect Trading to Trade, and make that a disambiguation page for Trade (Personal) and Trade (Economy)? Or, heck, they could be Trading and "Trade Request" --AtteSmythe 25 July 2005 13:51 (PDT)
Oooo I like the Trade & Trade Request route. With Trade having a link to Trade Request in case that's what they're looking for. And trading being a redirect. I think the economy trading usage is going to be higher than the trade request usage. --Guppymomma 25 July 2005 14:19 (PDT)