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I'm removing the monkey and parrot from this page becuase they weren't won by the pirate in question; the monkey came from Bifnot and the parot was won by Rantz.--Fiddler 18:31, 3 July 2006 (PDT)

I don't believe the familiars should be deleted or even moved so they are hidden on the bottom of the page after I just edited it again. Please put it back to "Familiars Obtained" like Piplicus original edit and please allow them to be seen instead of tucked away from view. Aaliyah

This is the only pirate article in the entire wiki displaying familiars that weren't won by the pirate in question. The familiar boxes were intended to add some distinction to the articles of players who had won a familiar, not players who had been given or bought one at a later date. I think it's perfectly reasonable to seperate familiars won (or bought) from the Ringers and familiars that were purchased secondhand from other players. Incidentally, where did the yellow monkey "Jewel" come from; I can find no mention of it on the list of non-tan familiars on Midnight.--Fiddler 12:10, 7 July 2006 (PDT)
The "pirate in question" had a page that showcased multiple familiars under the title "Familiars Obtained". Deletion of those familiars doesn't make the page more complete. Surely, other pirates have included on their pages slightly less important feats than acquiring four familiars… so the pictures of them have every right to remain on the page. I am indifferent about whether they go in two separate boxes or one but I would like them to be viewable on her small page without having to scroll down just because I like that layout better. Either way thanks to your contribution her page details the win of the Octopus so there shouldn't be a problem with distinguishing them. The yellow monkey was recently acquired to complete a yellow/gold set. The previous owner does not wish to reveal their name at this time but feel free to message her anytime to take a look at it. Updates to the Wiki will be made accordingly if/when the previous owner’s wish changes. Thanks for all your contributions! :) Aaliyah

Due to the nature of the buying and selling of familiars, I feel that it isn't practical to have boxes for those that are not won by original owners. I understand that there are many "less important feats" on other pirate pages, but those do not make use of standard familiar boxes or other such features of the YPPedia. We need to draw the line somewhere, to maintain neutrality and fairness. --Featherfin 13:50, 8 July 2006 (PDT)

One of each familiar

Goga's not the only pirate with one of each type of familiar on Midnight. Silverdawg also completed the set on Midnight.

As she was actually the first to acquire one of each type I'll update it accordingly.