Spirit of the Caribbean

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Spirit of the Caribbean at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Amillia
Senior Officer(s) Blooddog, Dragonmaker, Hookeyejones, Jakelman, Kingofworldg, Monkeysailor, Nitroxx, NVrsaynvr, Obdrick, Pigseye, Pippintook, Rainbowdashy, Rustyjuka, Shaomir, Wheelndealin, Xedon
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Black Flag
Founded 5 May, 2007
Last updated on 21 October, 2021
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Spirit of the Caribbean is a crew on the Hunter Ocean founded by Pigseye on May 5, 2007, formerly flying the flag of Illuminatti . The crew currently flies the flag of Black Flag.

Public statement

We are the Spirit of the Caribbean! Grandiose Crew Hall located on Aimuari Island. Go to Houses, then Deathly Hallows.

Extended public statement

We exist only through the generosity of the Atlantean gods. It is they who raised us up to perform a specific mission. They filled our spirits with their spirit. They gave us the ability to perform their assigned task. With the powers they have given us, we are the only crew with the strength and fortitude to perform this task for them. They told us it would nearly be impossible. We told them we would make it our EPIC QUEST.


  • May 5th, 2007: Created by Pigseye.


Spirit of the Caribbean wants to thank everyone that has been faithful to the crew!