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Skullea is a pirate on the Cobalt Ocean. He is currently working under the evil one in the crew serenity as a senior officer and as a lord of the illustrious blackstar. He is also the cook of the crew serenity. He has a pet rat named BWaiNs and also a cat named Ringo. He lives in Kewlcat's row house on Kirin Island. He enjoys sailing, rigging, blacksmithing, feeding his many victims to Bwwains (alive, of course), and wasting good PoE on useless portraits.


On Cobalt
  • Lieutenant of the Dragon's Nest Navy.
  • Senior officer of blackstar.
  • Cook of serenity
  • Purveyor of many portraits.
  • Won a ribbon for second place in Nation Treasure Drop on June 19, 2010

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