Saga (Cerulean)

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Saga at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Gangrenepete of The Swallow's Tale
Member crew(s) Honor, The Swallow's Tale
Founded 14 April, 2010
Dormant as of 16 December, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Saga is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean. It was founded by its present monarch, Gangrenepete on the Cobalt Ocean.

Public statement

Let the story begin...

Extended public statement

Two shadowy figures huddled in a dark corner in the back of the Sakejima Inn after a hard run of moving commods. Both were slugging back tankards of rum and conspiring to embark on an exciting adventure with their newly formed crew... Their rum soaked brains were filled with dreams of exciting battles and richer conquests. After several long hours of drunken banter between the two scallywags, the flag, Saga, emerged from their vociferous rantings as the vehicle to chronicle their journeys. They toasted its birth, both feeling it was a small start of something to become much bigger. How big? Only time will tell.

~~~~~~~Latest News~~~~~~~

7-15-10 - We acquired a shipyard, Revenge of the Sloops, on Terra.