Rockin' Rowboats

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Rockin' Rowboats
Right-facing Shipyard on
Dendrite Island (Jade Archipelago)
Viridian Ocean
Owner Redspitfire
Manager(s) Wrecklessric, Mrslsolo, Cronogenesis, Whitewhitch
Erected June 2005
Dusted March 2007

Rockin' Rowboats Shipyard was a shipyard shoppe located on the southern end of Dendrite Island on the Viridian Ocean. It was dusted in March 2007 to make way for the iron monger Crystal Balls.

Requiem Period

2005-06-21 to 2006-03-13

On 2005-06-20 Requiem held a contest to name this shipyard. The contest was open to the entire flag, and the contest entry period lasted 24 hours. A sloop was offered as the prize for the winning entry. The only rule for the name was that it should be thematically linked to Dendrite Island's name. Hawkings submitted the winning entry.

Requiem constructed this shipyard immediately after the construction of the fort, Mother Lode, was complete. Construction began on 2005-06-21 and was completed a few days later.