Release 2011-10-18

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Hairy Situation

From the Release Notes:
  • Set up the Halloween competition - begins October 19th (Wednesday).
  • Increased odds of Atlantis citadels spawning. (Odds increase with amount of time spent in sea monster zone.)
  • Changes to support new Facebook authentication mechanism.
  • Halloween items:
    • Limited edition Halloween pet: "Night Mare" (black pony)
    • Halloween Top Hat in Palace Shoppe
    • Jack-o-lantern available at furnishers
  • Edit: Allow wager banned players to wager 100 pieces of eight with monsters.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Offline labor will cease when your labor badge expires.
    • Cowardly Brigand Kings were sometimes unnecessarily fleeing before battle (looking at you, Finius).
    • Disallowed the reclaiming of furniture from sunken vessels.
    • Disallowed transferring of commodities to sunken vessels.
    • Brigand King might was sometimes being set incorrectly after winning a blockade.