Release 2009-07-01

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¡Por las barbas de Neptuno!

From the Release Notes:
  • Add new family ocean, Crimson.
  • Add new Spanish ocean, Jade.
  • Add Reserve Labor in Shoppes & Stalls. This allows employees to perform work ahead of time (either online or offline) which will be automatically applied to any future orders made at that stall/shoppe. Buyers purchasing from a shoppe with sufficient labor to cover their order will see the delivery time as "Immediate" and will indeed be able to pick up their order any time after placing it.
  • Allow flag & crest tapestries to be hung on the side of larger ships (such as in place of the white ones which are there by default).
  • Add captain's bandana hat for sale.
  • Add pirate bust furniture that can be inscribed with information about a pirate.
  • Add large display case furniture that holds up to 80 trinkets.
  • Add new color: persimmon. The color isn't available for production in cloth, paint or enamel yet.
  • Show blockade job offers on all islands.
  • Move the Vote on Booty button to its own ahoy panel.
  • Display counts of chests foraged and chests available on buried treasure expeditions.
  • Allow non-subscribers to make hearty invitations.
  • Sink a portion of a vessel's eights along with the vessel when it goes down in Atlantis, blockades and flotillas rather than adding it to the sunken treasure.
  • Give out the rat and furni with the tutorial mission.
  • Highlight ships with a bright blue outline on the Where are My Vessels display.
  • Stop playing the intro music in the gunnery puzzle for if it's reentered soon after it's been exited.
  • Add a note that by logging on, you agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Teach Sea Monsters to attack ships off the edge of the board (but not those in safe zones).
  • Add rose, lavender, mint, light green, magenta, lemon, peach, and light blue as colors for gems on rings.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix inflated values being shown for total eights from chests.
    • Fix the bilge clear sound.
    • Fix a bug in generating shop labor reports that could sometimes misreport labor remaining in queue.
    • Fix a bug where bots on tutorial missions constantly booch.
    • Fix Bumblebeard taking over the top right panel of the map.
    • Fix Barnabas getting a woefully underskilled crew against some ship types.
    • Fix bonus moves returning if used when entering the citadel.
    • Fix multiple waves attacking at the end of foraging rounds in rare circumstances in the gauntlet.