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Raliem is currently a senior officer with The Phoenicians of Black Sheep Brigade.


Sputtering to the surface of the Midnight Ocean on January 18, 2004, Raliem was quickly rescued by Cioj of the crew Fifth Fist of th'Misfits of Tyr's Own. Raliem made the Misfits his home until June of 2004 when he formed his own crew.

Originally a cre' formed by Raliem, Black Sheep Brigade was born when Raliem left Fifth Fist of th'Misfits. Under the flag of Crimson Tide, Raliem recruited then-greenie Damaris (now known as Amarylis) and recognized her potential and made her First Mate.

From August - October of 2004, Raliem stepped away from the game and upon his return, found his crewmate Damaris was now playing as Amarylis in the then flagless crew The Phoenicians. After meeting Bendeall and Stuyvesant in what is now standard practice for the mates of his current flag, a lively PvP battle, Bo and Stu won Raliem over once they discovered he was Amarylis's original captain.

With Raliem on their side, and a flag to create, The Phoenicians decided to honor Raliem's original crew and name their new flag Black Sheep Brigade. They decided to take a different approach to ocean politics, one with a web of wars rather than alliances.

During his time with Bo and Stuy, Raliem became known in many circles as one of the better bnavvers in a time when maintaining one's Seabattle Rank was vital in considering joining any battle navigator on a pillage. His reputation landed him in the driver's seat for several blockades.

Raliem enjoyed his time with the Phoeys and left in March 2006 to return home to the Fifth Fist of th'Misfits with Cioj while he went on another sabbatical until July 2006 when he returned to the game and to The Phoenicians.

Shanghai'd Ship Collection

  • Damned Ram (War Brig)
  • Merry Lamprey (Cutter)
  • Marinated Shiner, Ornery Sheepshead, & Crazed Barbados (Sloops)

Random Facts

  • A bit less verbose/prominent than Bo and Stu in BSB affairs, but vaguely important nonetheless
  • Inventor of the Dance Party/dock dancing ritual
  • Inventor of the term "sexical" and its derivatives
  • Extremely anti-board searching (Author's Commentary: It's so annoying that he won't let us hunt for gun boards!)
  • Prone to random outbursts of "Pickle", "Bacon", "Feces", and various vulgarities
  • Fluent in greenie-speak
  • Actually keeps a list of blockades he's attended

Blockade Participation