Raisin' a Raucous

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Raisin' a Raucous at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Natesummers
Senior Officer(s) Raucousred, Rustysgate
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Menaces
Founded 4 October, 2008
Last updated on 8 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Raisin' a Raucous is a crew on the Cerulean Ocean which is finally home again in the Menaces flag.

Public Statement

Yarr mateys. We intend to Raise a Raucous

Extended Public Statement

Raisin' a Raucous be a rowdy group of pirates sailing these 8 archipelagos looking fer adventure and PoEs. We welcome pirates of all levels who are looking fer a raucousy adventure. We have been sailing as a crew since October 2008.

If you are looking for a crew where you can learn and advance yer skills, we're yer crew if you also like to laugh and have a good time. We have pirates of all levels. This is a good place for pirates to learn and teach.

If yer looking fer a crew to gib you stuff, yer in the wrong spot. Nobody's entitled here. ;)

If yer Jobbin' wiff us:

  • Stay on stations mates, everybody works.
  • Stay for a few battles at least, not just one.
  • If you have a question, ask. Please, no spamming on our ships or our chat.
  • If ye be interested in joining our crew: be loyal, true and honest, and see an officer at the end of the pilly.
  • Rudeness is plankable, so be nice to yer mates.
  • If you must be away from yer keyboard (afk) please let us know so we don't plank ye by mistake while ye be in the Little Pirate's Room (lpr).
  • Try to look at the chat every now and again. That way we don't have to use that whistle.

Teaming in Battle

  • Swords- Teams of 2 or 3
  • Rumble- Teams of 3 or 4

Always listen to the Capn or XO, they may have another plan.

Crew and flag forum at http://menaces.maxforum.org/.