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Important.gif PPX project is not longer active.
This new UI will not be adopted for the PC version, see more details here.
This page is maintained for historical purposes only.

Puzzle Pirates X, or PPX, is a new version of the Puzzle Pirates user interface. Please see the change log for recent updates.

Alpha testing for Puzzle Pirates X started on November 14th, 2013 on the Ice Ocean. As of November 25th, you may also use PPX to log in to Cerulean, Meridian, Emerald, Opal, or Jade for testing purposes.


The latest version of the Puzzle Pirates X allows access to the live production oceans as well as the Ice testing ocean. We do not anticipate any serious problems, but please understand that this is a test version of the game. We can not replace any losses that may occur as a result of the test client. If you have any concerns, you may want to use a brand new pirate or play on the Ice test ocean. Here thar be dragons!

Installing the PPX Client

You can download and install the test client from here.

Testing on Ice

Subscription players from Cerulean have full access to the Ice ocean as long as they are current subscribers. Non-subscribers can access the test server if they have purchased at least 24 doubloons with cash within the previous thirty days. If a player from a doubloon ocean wishes to subscribe using doubloons instead of cash, they may "dubscribe" by visiting the "Coinscribe" page for 42 doubloons. The Ice Ocean is considered a subscriber ocean, and as such, does not feature doubloons or badges.

Known issues

We'd like to stress that this is an early "Alpha" release. There will be bugs and unfinished features. Some of the big known issues are:

  • The Mac OSX and Linux versions may not work for some players at the moment. We are currently focusing on testing the Windows client. Ultimately, all platforms will be fully supported.
  • Mac OSX: Native text entry is not yet supported. Text is edited via a popup.
  • The game does not currently resize. The game client will not fit on screens with resolutions equal to, or less than 1024 pixels wide or equal to, or less than 768 pixels tall.
  • Web pages, such as Pirate, Crew, and Flag pages, do not display properly.
    • Due to issues with Web forms, it's not currently possible to create new crews through this client.


If you encounter an issue, please use the /bug command or click the ? in the top left of your screen to find the ‘report a bug’ button. The logs provided by the bug report will help the developers track down and fix problems.

Once you’ve spent some time trying out the new PPX client, please fill out our latest survey before December 6th.

Please post general feedback in the Ice Discussion section in the forums. Be sure to check the "Puzzle Pirates X" sticky at the top for feedback guidelines. The developers want to hear your observations of the new UI, overall performance of the game, and any bugs or unintended behavior. This interface is still under development and further changes will be made.