My John Thomas

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My John Thomas at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Infatuate of
Member crew(s) Get Shafted, Measuring Contest
Founded 23 January, 2013
Dormant as of 21 January, 2014
Favicon.png Flag Info
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My John Thomas is currently a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

If you are looking for a fun, laid back approach to the game, you will find that here.

Extended public statement

Any issues you have with us, you can shove up your booty*, cause we don't care. *** disclaimer dat OM made us do it what a meanie! D:


My John Thomas's founding royalty team consist of Viator, Aiplaeso, Pinke, and Ameer. Their current active royalty team is Ameer, Aiplaeso, Andeg, Iwnabeu, Kaptklutch, Pinke, and Viator.

My John Thomas has controlled Gallows Island, Alkaid Island, Scrimshaw Island, Caravanserai Island, and Admiral Island.

My John Thomas started out as a solo flag. Most of the people within the flag knew nothing about blockading. Slowly but surely they put together a blockade team and started making political connections which eventually landed them in a campaign against Subtle Tease for Admiral. In the Admiral Campaign they went 3-1 only ending because of the collapse of Subtle Tease.