Loot Shoot and Ravage

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Loot Shoot and Ravage at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Glimglom
Senior Officer(s) Jasnaz, Phoibe, Rakham, Uglylad-West
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 04 April, 2005
dormant as of 9 March, 2012
Crews-Loot Shoot and Ravage.jpg

Loot Shoot and Ravage, a [dormant [crew]] of the Cobalt Ocean, was founded on April 4, 2005. It was renamed from "Deadly Sinners".


Public Statement

No one gets in our way without bein shot at! Harr!

Extended Public Statement

Ye can join us to pillage, plunder and drink the Captain's rum but beware the plank should ye be a lazy toad or just plain rude! Any pirate who deserts a ship in battle shall be put to death (or worse have yer booty cut)! If ye be a hard worker, and ye want to join this crazy, fun lovin' crew, just talk to any officer.


Dead's Colours

The crew favors Maroon as it's color of choice, but if ye prefer black.. please share!

Dead's Laws

Any pirate who deserts ship in battle shall be put to death (or worse have yer booty cut)

PTB Permission to board. Please ask fer permission afore ye board a ship else ye may find yerself swimming with the sharks

Injuries to be compensated. Any man who loses a limb in battle shall receive extra booty. (Blockades excluded :D)

Dead's Ranks

Arrr, It's sad but true, if ye aren't a subscriber ye can only be a Cabin Person :( Everyone else, Pirate is yer starting rank, ye will rise up the ladder to that exclusive S.O. rank (Captain only available should the current one fall to Davey Jones' Locker)!

See the crew forum fer details on earning those stripes!

Dead's Rewards

Any pirate who shows a (slightly weird) love of memming and mems the entire ocean gets a mystery prize!

Any pirate who finds the Cap'n in a precarious situation with a goat an' a Swedish nun gets a fat paycheck ter keep schtum...

Dead's POE

And if ye feel ever so generous, donations can be made to the crew (cheques payable to Badkittycat or Tabzsheff) See the Captain or any S.O to hand over yer poe!

Death's PoE will be put ter good use fer tea parties and drunken knees-ups fer the whole crew!

If ye ever need help or just want to kick some booty in a sf, just holler and help shall find ye... (poker hand permitting)

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