Keepers of the Light

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Keepers of the Light at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Rumsfeld of Violent Femmes
Member crew(s) Crimson Dragons, Death's Sin, Mystic Sanctuary, Violent Femmes
Dormant or disbanded as of 24 August, 2006

The Keepers of the Light were founded on February 28, 2005 by Lootingloo of Throwing Sevens. They were a force in just about every contested blockade in Cobalt, early on. The Keepers of the Light are a blockade and pillage crew that puts the emphasis on having fun first and foremost.

Public Statement

Through storm tossed seas many a weary crew harken to the welcoming beam of hope from yonder lighthouse as guidance to rest from the tempest. Keepers of the Light keep that beacon lit so that any crew weary of politcal tyranny and oppression may band together and create a safe and welcoming haven for all on this new ocean.

KotL is a fun pillaging flag. We offer a friendly and hearty atmosphere that values fun and friendship above all else!

Be sure to invite us to yer blockades, talk to any Royalty


You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean is dirty, the ocean does not become dirty!

In matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place.

We must become the change we want to see.

- Mahatma Gandhi


We welcome all inquiries about becoming an ally, please speak with a royalty member BEFORE offering alliance.

Crews wishing to be a member of KotL please speak with a royalty member.


Founded by Lootingloo just days after Cobalt being opened, the initial crews of Throwing Sevens, Aces and Eights, Sons of Barbarossa. During the initial stages of Cobalt, these three crews helped each other build up the economical backbone that KoTL depended on.

After real life issues took Lootingloo away from the game, Hohumdiddly was appointed the new monarch of KoTL. From this point, KoTL turned into a different influence on the ocean, mostly combating and supporting the anti-alliance ring of then powers Something Powerful, The Art of War, and Hydrophobia (as well as Sun Dynasty very early on). KoTL has been an influence in almost every blockade, including their own tough close blockades at Olive Island and Tigerleaf Mountain. The addition of united crews such as Death's Sin, Violent Femmes, and Crimson Dragons led to the resurgence of the flag.

After the Tigerleaf blockade, Rumsfeld, took over as the new monarch after real life issues took Hohumdiddly away from the game as well, and continued to lead the flag into the new stages of Cobalt.

Hohumdiddly then left the lead to Upendo, who has placed an importance in maintaining a notable influence on Cobalt's society.

Since then, the monarchy has been passed to Islandy.

Balancing between looking out for the little guy and becoming an influential power has always been a priority and will be the foundation that always links KoTL's members together.

As of September 2006, they are mostly inactive.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 30 April 2005 Olive I Attacking Yes none vs. Keepers of the Light, Hydrophobia 0:0:3 Didn't win island
2 17 September 2005 Tigerleaf I Attacking Yes none vs. The Art of War, Keepers of the Light 0:3:0 Didn't win island

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