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Green/light green lobster familiar

A lobster is a type of familiar. They can be found in lavish lockers, which can be won from greedy brigands. The lobster was first released on September 28, 2016.

The lobster may not be recolored, but can be renamed like the other familiars.

Fun Fact

On Oct. 10th 2021 Shar of Emerald Ocean completed a collection of all the 145 Lobsters color combinations.


Lobsters appear in most standard colors and silver. The only standard color not seen is grey.

Instead of allowing any two colors to spawn together, the colors have been broken into groups. Within a given group a lobster can spawn in any combination of colors. The only exception seems to be black/black, which has not yet been seen.

  • Group 1: white, black, gold, silver
  • Group 2: yellow, green, lime, light green, lemon
  • Group 3: violet, purple, lavender, magenta
  • Group 4: navy, blue, aqua, mint, light blue
  • Group 5: red, pink, orange, maroon, brown, rose, peach, persimmon

The grids below show all colors that a lobster may appear in:

Group 1:


Group 2:


Group 3:


Group 4:


Group 5:


Currently available limited edition colors are:


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