Llyr's Pact

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Llyr's Pact at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain None
Senior Officer(s) Chernabog, Kuibbles, Underfoot
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Carpe Noctem
Founded 24 August, 2004
Last updated on 20 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Llyr's Pact.jpg

Llyr's Pact was originally formed by former Black Death members Silverdawg, Kuibbles, and Gigza. The intent was to form an elite puzzle crew that had more active political intentions. Llyr's Pact later co-founded the flag Carpe Noctem.

Public Statement

Formed from bonded words with Llyr, Celtic god of the Sea.

Here we stand.

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