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Jimpanzee is a Senior Officer in the crew Ducha De Oro.


  • Ex-Senior Officer in the crew Peg-Legged Porcupines


Jimpanzee started with Puzzle Pirates in late 2004. He acquired experience with several different crews until he landed in the crew Peg-Legged Porcupines in the flag Chaos. There, he was the second member of the crew and became one of two senior officers under captain Simrea.

Peg-Legged Porcupines merged with another crew in Chaos in 2005. Jimpanzee soon became disillusioned with the game and was took a break from the game until the Hurricane Wilma 2-week break from school in October 2005.

From there, he joined Ducha De Oro (DDO) in early 2006 along with Captain Barrnacle, and Senior Officers Scarletnite and Wretch. He rose to the rank of Fleet Officer and a royalty in the DDO flag, Nanuq. He became a Senior Officer during the crew disbanding scare in May.

He has recently cut his playing time down significantly whilst he concentrates more on school.

Jimpanzee was the original owner of the cutter Sincere Mummichog and currently holds the title of Gunner in DDO.

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