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Hankscorpio is a pirate on all 5 English language oceans. His primary ocean is Hunter.


Hunter Ocean

Viridian Ocean

  • Captain of Flapping Guppies
  • Monarch of Globex Corporation


Hankscorpio joined Puzzle Pirates in August 2006 after hearing tales of daring for many years from his wife. He and Azria sailed the Viridian Ocean in a two person crew, The Flapping Guppies, primarily as foragers. Together they puzzled enough to form a flag with Hank as monarch but Hank was still missing a large part of the game - the social puzzle.

As Azria drifted away from the game, Hankscorpio decided to seek a new challenge on the Hunter Ocean in late October of 2006. He joined the crew Frozen and was able to achieve the rank of officer.

Deciding that crew was not right for him, he joined the crew Dominance of the flag Castigo Final on November 12, 2006. His pirate career really began to take off during an eventful month of December that saw his flag contend in 2 blockades of Saiph Island and month-long wars with Fate's Shadow and The Eye. Sailing with many experienced pirates, Hankscorpio learned quickly and began to establish himself in politics.

Upon the breakup of Castigo Final, the flag Wasted Potential was formed. Hank was immediately made a titled member. Once again deciding that a smaller crew was right for him, Hank joined - Virtute et Armis - and was soon made a member of the flag's royalty. He ascended to the captaincy of Virtute upon Afrodite's retirement from the game. In early July 2007, Adamm moved to a less active role and Hank became monarch of Wasted Potential.

In August 2007, Hank and Dalnoth decided a fresh start was in order for them. They formed the flag Coerced Coexistence with Dalnoth in the role of monarch and Hank as a royal.