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Bang! Howdy is Three Rings' second online game project. Instead of being pirate-themed, however, this game is set in the Wild West. It's also quite different from Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, with a very different style of play as it uses 3-D Java rendering, causing the game to use more memory, therefore some computers that can run Puzzle Pirates fine may still struggle with this new game.

The game was eventually transferred to the ownership of Grey Havens in 2015. On July 30, 2017, YourFunWorld Studios announced that the original player servers for the game would be shut down with immediate effect. They also announced that they had reached an agreement with Grey Havens to develop a Steam release of the game. This new release became available on August 5, 2017.

About the game

Bang Howdy is a third-person strategy game that can be described as "Bnav meets Cops & Robbers meets Mario Kart". Bang Howdy's Beta testing ended on December 1, 2006, and it was released in full. Some details are as follows:

  • The game features a new microcurrency system, similar to doubloons, used to pay for clothing, cards, and unlocking new units.
  • The game features incidental bonuses called "cards", which can be both purchased and picked up in the middle of a game. They range from affecting various units in the game to changing the game environment.
  • The game is multiplayer, with up to four players on a table permitted. The game can also be played against AI, known as "tin cans".
  • The game features music designed by Somatone, described as "Spaghetti Western meets break-beat"
  • The game features multiple "towns" which feature different units, cards, and scenarios. Currently there are two towns, the Frontier Town and the Indian Trading Post.
  • Some scenarios include Gold Rush, Cattle Rustling, Totem Building, and a cooperative mode, Forest Guardians.
  • The game will allow players to buy "clothes" for their avatar that other players can see.

Jack, known as Sheriff Mike to Bang! Howdy players, leads the game's development.

Visit Bang! Howdy's Website to play.

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