Flames of Darkness

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Flames of Darkness at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Akantos
Senior Officer(s) Dreadfullucy
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 12 October, 2008
dormant as of 18 May, 2009


Flames of Darkness is a crew on the Sage ocean currently flying the flag Dominant Storm. Flames of Darkness is currently looking for officers.

Public statement

We are new but we will become powerful and burn our darkness into the Sage's history!

Extended public statement

Welcome Jobbers, Crew and Inquizitive people who are looking at this article.

We are the Flames of Darkness on the sage!

If you wish to join our delightful crew just send an officer+ a /tell and we will try and job you as soon as we can. All Pirates will automaticly become Pirate rank on joining.

We are a new crew with Big Aims so I hope you join us and make this family that is our crew a larger and better place to be.


  • Reached Established fame in 3 days with 7 crew members.


(under construction)

  • Joined Dominant Storm
  • Left Imperial Rednecks
  • Joined Imperial Rednecks


1. No 'Eating' (getting really angry at) Jobbers.

2. Leave ship stock as you found it. Replenish anything you use that isn't yours.

3. Never Plank a Flag member.

4. Do not gun without the commanding officers permission.

5. Swearing against flag mates is absolutely forbidden.

Rank Information


  • You automaticly join as one. Now wasn't that easy?


  • Have 3+ broads in piracey
  • Play frequently.

Fleet officer

  • Must have all previous requirements aswell as;
  • Having distinguished+ in bnav and dnav (normal Navigating)
  • Any 1 Skill (piracey or non-piracey) Master+
  • 1 week of being an officer
  • A ship would be nice but not Necessary

Senior officer

  • Must have all previous requirements
  • Friendliness with the crew
  • Works Hard
  • Captain and other Senior Officers compleate trust