Feelings Mutual

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Feelings Mutual at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch (Purged/Deleted) Shaka of The Gentlemen's Society
Member crew(s) King Sparrow, Squirrel Munchers
Founded 11 May, 2011
Defunct as of 30 April, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Feelings Mutual is a defunct flag on the Meridian Ocean.

Public statement

You hate us, you love us, the feelings are mutual.

Extended public statement

We are a small flag aiming for big things, get behind us by joining or helping out on our pillages, which we're often running due to our active member base!

Crew recruiting- We're always open to new crews/members. Contact Shaka or another Royal about joining the flag if he is not online.

Alliance rings will be ignored, we accept allies on the basis that you will be useful to us, and we shall be useful to you. Your politics based around hating another player have no place in our Flag's community.

Pirate behaviour - We condone any bad behaviour by our members, as much as we persuade pirates to behave nicely, some people do have moments of madness and we can't always be held responsible for someone elses actions (Regardless of how peeved you are!)

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