Dream Weddings

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Dream Weddings at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Sallysally
Senior Officer(s) none
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Elements of Fear
Founded 14 February, 2006
Dormant as of 24 February, 2009
Crews-Dream Weddings.jpg

Dream Weddings is a crew of alts who enjoy helping other players have great weddings and events on the Cobalt Ocean. The Captain of this crew is Sallysally. The beautiful Merchant Galleon "Romantic Stargazer" is the primary party vessel, complete with a full bar, all gaming tables, tournament board, portrait sitting room, and lots of FUN. Anyone interested in having a private, and very fun event should visit Dream Weddings on Cobalt. This crew is now dormant.

Public Statement

Making Your Wedding Dreams Come True on the Cobalt Ocean!

Welcome to Dream Weddings!

Visit our website at: Dream Weddings on Cobalt

then e-mail Sallysallycobalt@hotmail.com to book your event!

Our crew is dedicated to making your Wedding Dreams come true on the Cobalt Ocean. We are also available for private parties, just ask!

If you have any questions, /tell an officer.

Visit Sallysally's Tailoring Stall on Lima Island for the finest wedding garments on the Cobalt Ocean!

Guests: **Remember to team during the swordfights! It's easy! Just click on the bot you want to attack. Teams of three only! **Please stay on a station while the ship is at sea; there is always plenty of time for carousing after the pillage! **And please, don't leave the ship during battle. You leave your fellow pirates at an unfair disadvantage during the swordfight!

We are taking applications for new officers! If you are interested in joining us, you must be an established pirate in another crew, and have an alt available to work with us. Just ask the Captain!

May your sails, your mugs and your coffers be forever full!

Sallysally & all of us at Dream Weddings

Listen to Shanty Raid-io!

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