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Castawaybob is a pirate in the crew The Neverland Pirates of the flag Shadows of Death on the Emerald Ocean. He could be found on the Sage Ocean before the ocean merge.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • Castawaybob washed up on the unknown shores of Sage on the February 4, 2010, when he should have been doing homework.
  • Although fairly new, he has established himself as a friendly person in his crew, the Neverland Pirates.
  • He started his avatar shop on February 5, 2010


Castawaybob (AKA by his friends: Cast, Bob, Castaway_Bob and Castaway.) is a relatively new pirate. He came to the game with a fresh pallet, willing to try anything. Although he generally steered clear of Puzzle games in the past, he has firmly placed his feet in to Puzzle Pirates and has no intention of leaving. Upon starting the game, he went to the first greeter he could (A lass by the name of (Captanella) and asked for an explanation of pretty much everything. After experiencing much kindness from this greeter, he asked her if he could join her crew, and she allowed him to. He then met Bluebuzz, an officer in the crew, a person who he shared interests with and is now best mates with. While watching Bluebuzz play ridiculously high stakes poker, he met Yohococo, who was also watching the game. Somewhere during that conversation, Yohococo let it slip that she was also an avatar artist, and Castawaybob barraged her with questions about the trade, leading to Yohococo eventually becoming hearties with and ordering an avatar from Castawaybob. He remains good friends with all three of these people, and hopes to make many more good hearties in his Puzzle Pirates career.


Castawaybob has made several avatars, but so far has only used ones made by himself.

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