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Cleaver (pirate)
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Captain Cleaver of the Dread Ringers, is otherwise known as Daniel James, Designer and CEO of Three Rings.

In May 2005, he was interviewed by a selection of players.[1]

Notable quotes

Cleaver all dressed up
  • "Crashing Puzzle Pirates with your giant rack just isn't a good user experience for anyone."[2]
  • "That is, apart from Voice Broadcasts, which will be introducing[sic] shortly, forcing everyone in the game to listen to long monologues from their glorious leader (me) about the politics of the day, current events, and what I had for breakfast."[3]
  • "Just so everyone can calm down a little and stop laying eggs"[4]
  • "Thanks for your help, and may the purse be with you."[5]
  • "Peghead fed the database server a mountain of old boots and it's chewing on them good. This has scuppered logins and transactions in the game. Hopefully it will finish its meal soon. Sorry for the inconvenience."[6]
  • "Um... elderberries?" Audio clip taken from Bluetta's interview with Cleaver.
  • "Instead of saying 'You must climb this giant $9.95 per month cliff to enjoy the exalted land of boot-wearing' a doubloon ocean offers a much more gentle ascent into the realm of bootiness and other finery." [7]
  • "R"


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