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Candymandan is a pirate on Emerald Ocean. He frequently floats around to the flags where he sees most fit, but always seems to come back to Black Flag.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • Achieved Ultimate Pirate in October of 2011
  • Won multiple competitions and Bake-offs performing Duty Navigation, Bilge, Carp, and several other various puzzles
  • Puzzle pirates alum, over 12 years of gameplay
  • Allied/associated with most mega alliance families, but stays close to Black Flag for the most part. If CMD is not in Privateers/Black Flag, he is likely to be in his hearty Coldfusion's crew/flag for some rest and relaxation.
  • Can be found everywhere in the game from at the inn selling junk and challenging friends, to pillaging the seven seas.


Candymandan began his journey as a young lad at the age of 12, starting out on the Midnight ocean, playing along side some of his family members. After remaining inactive for a couple of years, Dan returned at the age of 14, after getting his first very own PC console, for Christmas. He then decided to start over fresh on a new ocean, playing on a whole new pirate, henceforth the pirate Candymandan was born. He has since achieved several major accomplishments, including Ultimate Pirate and #1 Duty Navigator... Even though CMD frequently dips in and out of retirement, he is a Puzzle Pirates player that has pioneered many aspects of the game since it's early years, and he will always continue his candy coated legacy until the final ship has sailed the vast oceans of Puzzle Pirates!