Brutal Blade

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Brutal Blade
Left-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Barbary Island (Ibis Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Gulfstream
Manager(s) Sambellamy
Erected May 2022
Building-Emerald-Brutal Blade.png

Brutal Blade was an upgraded iron monger shoppe on Scrimshaw Island of the Emerald Ocean. Since 1 March 2014, Gulfstream became the owner, who renamed the shoppe and established fine line of swords production.

Years later he reestablished this trademark on Barbary Island and sold it, but the legendary blades are now available again since Dec 2022.

Help wanted

Now hiring with payment per hour Open for business
Basic labor: 10 PoE 12 PoE
Skilled labor: 20 PoE 23 PoE
Expert labor: 40 PoE 45 PoE

Buying commodities

Tellurium Tellurium - 29 PoE per unit

Cubanite Cubanite - 55 PoE per unit

Sincosite Sincosite - 75 PoE per unit

Serandite Serandite - 300 PoE per unit

Thorianite Thorianite - 550 PoE per unit

Chalcocite Chalcocite - 890 PoE per unit

Papagoite Papagoite - 1020 PoE per unit

Masuyite Masuyite - 1600 PoE per unit

Leushite Leushite - 2000 PoE per unit

Lorandite Lorandite - 2500 PoE per unit

Iron Iron - 10 PoE per unit

Wood Iron

Yellow enamel Yellow enamel.png - 80 PoE per unit

Green enamel Green enamel.png - 100 PoE per unit

Blue enamel Blue enamel.png - 150 PoE per unit

Red enamel Red enamel.png - 250 PoE per unit

Orange enamel Orange enamel.png - 450 PoE per unit

Purple enamel Purple enamel.png - 900 PoE per unit

White enamel White enamel.png - 2400 PoE per unit

Black enamel Black enamel.png - 3500 PoE per unit

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