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Topgunner is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He was formerly known as Bluebeardw.


Topgunner started his pirate career on the Hunter Ocean at Sayers Rock. He first joined the crew Proud to be PINOY and is currently ranked as a Fleet Officer.He is very skilled on the puzzles Gunnery and Battle Navigation.He likes battling Very Hard Brigands at the Red Route of Hunter Ocean. And as well he likes doing PvP's.


  • Been on the 100k+ pilly with his crew.
  • Officer of the crew Proud to be PINOY.
  • Fought in swords with the Oceon Master Apollo.
  • Been on the 321k SMH with the crew High Desires.
  • Lieutenant Commander in the Aimuari Navy on the Orion Archipelago.
  • Acheived Ultimate Poker Player.

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