Blouse of Feanor

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Blouse of Feanor
Left-facing Tailor on
Islay of Luthien (Ruby Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Junglegeorge
Manager(s) Scarlettnite, Alphasig
Erected December 2004
Building-Cerulean-Blouse of Feanor.png

Blouse of Feanor is a left-facing tailor shoppe on Islay of Luthien. It was erected in December 2004 under the governance of the flag Carpe Noctem.

Blouse of Feanor was named by the original owners of Islay of Luthien, Carpe Noctem, according to their scheme of references from The Lord of the Rings trilogy by author J.R.R. Tolkien. This building was named after the Eldar of the Noldor and chief character in the Silmarillion, Fëanor.


"Fëanor was the mightiest in skill of word and of hand, more learned than his brothers; his spirit burned as a flame.

He was tall, fair of face, and masterful, his eyes piercingly bright and his hair raven-dark; in the pursuit of all his purposes eager and steadfast. Few ever changed his courses by counsel, non by force. He became of all the Noldor, then or after, the most subtle in mind and the mist skilled in hand...

...seldom were the hands and mind of Fëanor at rest.

The seven sons of Fëanor were Maedhros the tall, Maglor the mighty singer, whose voice was heard far over land and sea; Celegorm the fair, and Caranthir the dark; Curufin the crafty, who inherited most of his father's skill of hand; and theyoungest, Amrod and Amras, who were twin brothers, alike in mood and face."