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Shipwrecksam was a pirate that sailed the Hunter Ocean. He was a senior officer of the crew HELLS REVENGE. He lived on Aimuari Island. He lived in a townhouse on Aimuari Island which he purchased in May of 2008.

Biography and history on Hunter

Shipwrecksam first arrived on the Hunter Ocean on August 25th 2007, a few days after he first began playing Puzzle Pirates. He joined the crew Ipirates and quickly made friends. He instantly fell in love with the wonderful, warm and friendly community that made the game so unique and he knew that this was now to be a huge part of his life in the coming years. Ipirates later merged with another crew, MUFFIN LAND and Shipwrecksam took the decision to leave the crew and embrace new adventures. In October 2007, Sam left the Ursa archipelago where he had been living and moved to Aimuari Island in the Orion archipelago. He bought a shack on Aimuari Island and he decided that this would from now on be his home island. In the later part of 2007 and throughout 2008, Sam made many true and long lasting friendships and met the most wonderful, genuine people. These people would have a big impact on him and many good times were had and happy memories made with all. Among the many great friends he met in his time on Hunter were Cleaverissac, Piratemanguy, Yofroxitsbex, Jemmamaylou and Jadeyy. To this day, Sam still remembers them with great fondness and affection.

In May of 2008, Sam bought a townhouse on Aimuari Island where he would live for the rest of his pirate career. In June of 2009, his friend Cleaverissac created a crew called HELLS REVENGE, of which Sam was made a senior officer.

Sam's favorite puzzles were Bilging, Swordfighting and Poker. He could often be seen socializing on the docks of Aimuari Island, relaxing in Rest Inn Peace or taking part in various pillages, frays and voyages.

In October 2009 he disappeared from the game. Only a few close friends of his would know what had happened to him. For many years, it seemed that he had left the game for good. But in the summer of 2022, there was talk that he had returned to the game under a different name.

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