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Baldjoe, or Bald Joe, traverses the islands of Sage with his hearties of the crew Metamorphosis.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Former lord and titled member of Devil's Desire (abdicated)
  • Former senior officer of Devil's Crew (abdicated)
  • Owned several stalls of various profitability (sold)
  • Owner of a Black/Black sloop
  • Senior officer of Metamorphosis


Bald Joe first started sailing the oceans of Sage in the summer of 2005. His first crew is now lost to the passage of time, but is best known as a member of the Devil's Crew. Under the leadership of Scardey and Trace, Bald Joe quickly rose to the rank of fleet officer within the crew. After the retirement of both his piratey mentors, he built a strong relationship with the crew's new captain, Trumpet, culminating in his eventual placement as a senior officer.

Surviving the demise of The Red Flag Armada and the sundering of his beloved crew, Bald Joe lent his support in Trumpet's decision to strike out on their own as a flag, forming what would be known as Devil's Desire. Internal affairs caused him to go into a voluntary exile, yearning for the day that his friends could learn to work together.

And that day has come. Trumpet made the difficult decision to abdicate her captaincy of Devil's Crew to one of her SOs, then started a new crew, Metamorphosis, with disaffected members of Devil's Crew.

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