Arcadia Island (Malachite)

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Arcadia Island
Malachite Ocean
Outpost island in the Komodo Archipelago
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This island has no pets on it.
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Arcadia Island is an outpost island located in the Komodo Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Celesta Isle, Flyaway Island, and an interachipelago route to Brunneria Borealis in the Whiptail Archipelago.

Natural Resources

This island spawns broom flower and stone.


There are no buildings on Arcadia.


Arcadia is an uninhabitable island.


A rock in the center of the western edge of the island reads, "This island were fashioned by Silvertooth."

In Greek mythology, Arcadia (in Greek, Ἀρκαδία) is a pastoral paradise - unlike Utopia, which contains a human civilisation, Arcadia is presented as the spontaneous result of life lived naturally, without civilisation. Arcadia takes its name from a Greek province which still exists in modern times.

The island featured in the 2008 Halloween events, and as a result now contains several destroyed buildings and a statue of Vargas the Mad.