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Agon is an event character primarily used to organize gunning bakeoffs, but has also assisted with bakeoffs of other types. When he has a bakeoff pending, he's instantly recognizable to every single greenie on the docks thanks to his white name. Agon is notorious for primarily docktarting, although he does enjoy sailing and will gladly kick your butt three ways to Sunday at treasure drop.

On Midnight, Agon is a fleet officer in Death's Gate. On Sage, he's king/CEO of the Happy Sunshine Company, and captain/Director-General of S-P-E-C-T-R-E, while on Cobalt, he hangs out in the crew Rootin' of the flag Tootin', and is king and captain, respectively.

The three gunning bakeoffs Agon has organized to date have taken place on Midnight, Sage, and Cobalt although he's always wondering where he can blow stuff up and waste a lot of cannonballs next.

Who's your main?

Agon's main is a Midnighter. Beyond that, good luck figuring it out.

About that name...

Can I have a white name?


How do I make my name white?

You don't.

Can I join your crew so I can have a white name?

Joining my crew will not give you a white name.

Can I volunteer to help you so I can have a white name?

If the only reason you're volunteering is because you want a white name, your help is not required.

Seriously, how did you get a white name?

White names are distributed to event characters by the OMs and generally retracted after the event. There is no way for me to give myself, or anyone else, a white name.

Just give me the white name already!!!!1!!!111eleven111!111!

Ask me again and I'll be violently removing your brain using a rusty spoon and my own teeth.

Are you an OM?

I am not an OM. If I was an OM, would I fundraise and beg/buy/borrow/steal supplies for all my events? I think not.