Adventure Islands

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Nothereyet.png This article refers to a feature, concept, puzzle, or other game mechanic that has not yet been implemented. Its content may change frequently as more specifics emerge.

Adventure Islands are the (currently theoretical) islands containing special as-of-yet unknown adventure.

Content Speculation

Earlier comments from developers have suggested that they will be special puzzle environments (with individual-but-identical versions -- "instanced" versions -- for each group visiting them) featuring many fantastic themes not well-suited to (and therefore apart from) the main ocean. Rewards for completing them have not been set, but speculation has linked them to the graphics for artifacts found in the Y!PP files.

Adventure Islands were announced in 2002 (according to the Alpha release notes), but have yet to be released.

There was some speculation that the appearance of mysterious pillars on the oceans was a hint that Adventure Islands may have coming to the game soon. However this later turned out to be the plot to the unveiling of Atlantis of which the main theme is Sea monsters.

On June 12 2008, Puzzle Pirates Adventures was announced by Captain Cleaver. According to the announcement, they are the first step towards fulfilling the "adventure" side of Puzzle Pirates which has long been suggested by both players and developers. [1]

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