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Adrielle's in-game art and design

This page features in-game art and design work created by Adrielle.


Adrielle was eggstatic to have two of her egg designs featured in-game in 2010 and 2012.


Adrielle designed five seasonal trinkets for the game during 2011 and 2012.

Limited Edition Portrait Backgrounds

Adrielle has had eight of her portrait background designs featured in-game. (In addition, her alt Ezzleart has also created a winning portrait background contest entry).

Obsidian Ocean Islands

Adrielle was part of the design team responsible for creating the islands on the Obsidian Ocean, which is currently in beta testing. She worked on Bogong Island (which she named after Mount Bogong in Victoria, Australia) with Kingofcards. The island is snowy - but not too frozen for trees and flowers to grow.

Kingfisher Island was named for the colorful birds of the same name, and features a gardener's corner. Point Petrify contains a coffin-maker's workshop, a lookout for spotting potential enemies (with a bell to ring if those on watch duty need to raise the alarm) and a graveyard. It also features a camp on the southeastern arm of the island - where interesting items tend to wash up on the islands' shore.

Loggerhead Island was a revamp of Alpha Island on the Midnight Ocean (which was originally created by the Puzzle Pirates Gods). Adrielle revamped the original island's design to make it fit the theme of Obsidian Ocean's contested archipelago. It now features a garden, and thematic fortifications. Three flamingos also currently call the island home.

Cursed Isles

Adrielle's Cursed Isles scenes were implemented in March, 2010. These scenes were later tweaked by the arrtists in June 2011 for release 2011-06-28.