Space for Ent

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Space for Ent
Right-facing Estate Agent on
Islay of Luthien (Ruby Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Zingman
Manager(s) Phin
Erected October 2004
Building-Cerulean-Space for Ent.png

Space for Ent is a right-facing estate agent on Islay of Luthien. It was erected in October 2004 under the governance of the flag Carpe Noctem. The deed is held by the current governor of Islay of Luthien.

Space for Ent was named by the original owners of Islay of Luthien, Carpe Noctem, according to their scheme of references from The Lord of the Rings trilogy by author J.R.R. Tolkien. This building was named after the giant tree herders of the forests of Middle Earth, the Ents.


"Huorns will help." said Treebeard.

Then he went away and we did not see him again until this morning.


Taxes are at 8% additional.