Palace shoppe

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Palace shoppe on a doubloon ocean

The palace shoppe (also the fort shoppe) is a feature used on both doubloon oceans and subscriber oceans, as well as the Ice Ocean. On doubloon oceans, it is used for the purchase of badges. On the Ice Ocean, it is used for the purchase of sloops, which are at a price of 15,000 PoE. On all oceans, the palace shoppe is used for the purchase of pets, as well as a selection of awards and trinkets. Currently available are bands, gemstone rings, greeting cards, presents, scrolls, pie, cake, cookies, chocolate chip cookies, exotic cards, exotic coffee and bangled bracelets. Also various seasonal items can be purchased there from time to time.

On colonized islands, the palace shoppe can be accessed from the first room on the right in palaces or the upper floor of forts. It can also be accessed from the pirate info page by clicking "Ye" on the sunshine widget, pirate name link, then "Palace shoppe" in the top left corner of the window.

Historical notes

The Palace shoppe was first introduced with the release of the Ice Ocean. Sloops were 6,000 PoE and an additional twenty doubloons. The Palace shoppe was later included with the releases of Cobalt and Viridian: Cobalt offered sloops, while Viridian offered sloops and badges.

Cobalt's palace shoppe was removed with release 2005-06-01.

The palace shoppe was reintroduced to Midnight and Cobalt with release 2006-02-02

Pets were available from palace shoppes with release 2006-08-10