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Administrators have the ability to "protect" pages such that they cannot be edited, or images so that they cannot be overwritten, except by other administrators. This ability is only to be used in limited circumstances as protected pages are considered bad for a community edited project. You can still comment about those articles on their discussion pages.

The uses listed below are not all-inclusive, but should cover the majority of instances where page protection is merited.


Semi-permanent protection is used for:

  • Protecting high visibility pages such as the Main Page from vandalism.
  • Maintaining the integrity of Nemo's nifty logo.
  • Maintaining the integrity of key copyright and license pages.
  • Protection of pages in the Official namespace whose contents are mirrored on the main official website.
  • These pages will not be unprotected for any reason.

Temporary protection is used for:

  • Enforcing a "cool down" period to stop an "edit war," upon request.
  • Protecting a page or image that has been a recent target of persistent vandalism or persistent edits by a banned user.

When locking a page because of an edit war, a {{protected}} template should be used until the issue is resolved.

To view a list of protected pages, see Category:Protected