YPP NYC Party (2006)

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Please note that this party is an unofficial gathering for which Three Rings is not responsible.

It's time the Big Apple got on the Piratey map! We've got water, we've got pirates, we've got booze, we've got boats! Let's make things happen! Now anyone who enjoys a good party and has ideas who would like to help out, or would simply like to attend, PLEASE list your support here, so we can get this ship off the beach!

Beer Garden Bash!


The first NYC party event will be held at the Bohemian Beer Garden. It's an awesome venue to meet folks and have a blast without worrying about a bunch of common logistical snags. The bar is huge, and the garden is an amazing open air courtyard with hundreds of picnic tables to take over. There's a great selection of imported Czech and German beers on tap, and during the summer there are almost always bands playing in the garden or some kind of crazy event being held.

The purpose of this first event would be to meet, greet, get wasted and talk about bigger, crazier future NYC events. If enough folks wish to come into town for this we can certainly make it a weekend thang...otherwise I was just planning for a one night bash!

The Who-What-When-Where

  • Who: Pirates from anywhere who hail from any ocean. All attendees must be at least 21 years old.
  • What: Drinking, thinking, stinking, and more drinking!
  • When: Saturday, July 15th, 2006 | 12pm (Noon) until 3am
  • Where: 29-19 24th Avenue | Astoria, New York 11102 | Phone:(718)274-4925

How to Get to the Party

  • Subway # N to Astoria Blvd. (one stop before the last - Ditmars Blvd.). Walk 1 block to the intersection of 24th Avenue and 31st Street. We are located between 29th Street and 31st Street.
  • From Grand Central Parkway or the Triboro Bridge, exit at Hoyt Avenue. Proceed 1 block to 24th avenue, along 31st Street (under El.)

Possible Lodgings

Add yourself to this list if you are willing to house an out-of-towner (if you've got someone you know you're willing to house [i.e. boy/girl friend] go ahead and list them here)

Possible Carpools

Add your city to find other carpools in your area or PM these pirates!

Other Links

Pirates Attending

  • Kingpriam
  • Kaykordeath at least for a bit
  • Dewdlebug w/bells on ;)
  • Melanthe coming but scared of 15-hour drinking binges
  • Darvid (unconfirmed)
  • Jsweetie (unconfirmed)
  • Nowie is con-FIRM-ed :P
  • Faythe +1 (unconfirmed)
  • Demonyaj (barring the damnable rain)
  • Blarneybelle

Important Edits Made

  • Changed the Party date from July 8th to July 15th.