Wyeth Island (Ice)

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Wyeth Island
Ice Ocean
Medium island in the Nenya Archipelago
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Information about this island's pets is unknown.
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Wyeth Island is an uninhabitable medium island located in the Nenya Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Kings Island, Shatterstone Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Winking Wall Island in the Vilya Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns iris root, stone, wood, and butterfly weed.


Although there are a number of structures on Wyeth, the buildings are all façades.


Wyeth is an uninhabitable island.


Wyeth is named after Treasure Island illustrator N.C. Wyeth.

A rock on the southwest shore of the lake bears the inscription, "This island were fashioned by Waterbug."

A butterfly weed spawn was added to the island on 2006-06-08.