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--I'm currently an editor for the Puzzle Pirates Guide to the Galaxy (a.k.a. Y!PP wiki)

--I'm also collecting OM dolls on the Viridian, if you have any, then gimme. I will pay any price.

To do list

--Create an article for every building on the Viridian

Y!PP Geek Code

A++++_L++_Sk+_D**_DT_C++_P_Cp_Bl++_Sa+++_Gu+_N++_Sw+_R++_Al++_SF+_Dr+_TD--_ SpR_SpN-_Ht++_Bn+++_X::_B++_ShO_PT++_$+++_Cl+++_F++_GD_FA!_Wki+_Scr+_Bx