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Predominantly playing the character "Scarab" on the Midnight Ocean. Has at one time or another been CP, Pirate, Officer, Fleet Officer, Senior Officer, Captain, Lord, Prince and King. Was the original Captain of Fun House which was at one point the 7th largest crew in the Midnight Ocean, and King of Renaissance, which was in the top ten largest flags. Seeming to largely suck at the political puzzle, with lots of his intentions being misinterpreted, he left and played the character "Rob" on Cobalt and "Corybantes" on Viridian.

Never one to shy away from a confrontation, he would always stand up for what he believed in, and back his friends to the hilt if needs be. Some people see his attitude as a little difficult and arrogant, but it's not supposed to come across that way.

Largely misunderstood and abused. A beta tester who will never leave, and who is willing to answer any question that anyone throws his way.