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Naclcanis Sails all oceans under naclcanis name

Pirate since spring 2004

Midnight History: Found on abandoned isle jobbed around and then joined The Jolly Rogers of Blackspot Flag trained as an officer with them

Founded Midnight Seadogs Crew (the Goonies name was originally taken by a dormant player) With the help of Suelynn (my real life partner) and drizt ( a friend who's now retired from game)

originally crew was with midnight alliance flag (flag drizt's crew had been in) after a month or so we moved into the flag Allied foundation (home of the shadowy balrogs ,sue's first crew) both myself and Suelynn became titled and royalty of the flag

it was not long after this that We were able to change the name of the crew to The Goonies

after the beta attempt balrogs left flag but we stayed and helped take and run Remora right before remora 5 blockade the former monarch stepped down and I became monarch of Allied foundation. with help of allies we defended remora until one of our allies changed sides to support the next contender.

deciding a fresh start and consolidation was a better move I disbanded the flag cleanly and Joined Phoenix Reborn

some months later we would leave and form our own flag to do our own thing for a while. however we kept finding ourselves pillaging with one flag that had old hearties/allies in it and that was the broadsiders and so we joined and have been happy there ever since.