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Cheery and Rumbletum of Cobalt. Also appearing as Rumbletum on other oceans from time to time (Not very often at all). Other alts on Cobalt are Grizzleguts, Grumpyguts, AgnesNuttr and NobodysChild.

Jinxed Idol speculation - possible spoilers in the links below!

A number of players are trying to work out the criteria for the Jinxed Idol trophy, and are discussing it in the Trophy Speculation thread.

If you have received this trophy and are willing to help us figure it out, please add your pirate name to the list on the User:Lofwyr/Sandbox/Jinxed Idol Speculation page.

We're particularly interested in reports from those who keep chat logs, and are willing to either spend the time scrutinising them or PM them to someone who will do so.

All discussion should be kept in the forum thread, the wiki page is purely for recording progress.

Pirate Etiquette

I once intended to set up a suitable set of pages covering various questions of etiquette (it may still happen, but I have my doubts currently). These pages already exist:

This is Sweetiepiepi's "perfect world" guide to leaving a pillage:

These threads may also be relevant:


Someone requested some info be added about the logistics of group portraits.