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I am usually found playing on the Hunter Ocean, Though I can often be found in many other places. My pirate name on the Hunter and Ice oceans is Intner, on Viridian, Malachite and Crimson it is Inschato.

Puzzle Pirate Code

A++ L+ Sk+ D++ DT C++ P+ CP+ Bl++ Sa+ Gu+ N-- TH++ Sw+++ R-- Al++ BS++ !TP SF++ Rm++ Dr-- TD-- Sp+ SpN Ht++ Bn+++ X:: B++ Sh+ Pt++ $++ Cl F++ GD+ FA! Wki++ Scr+ Bx++

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  • Ultimate Carpentry, oh how you allude me.
  • Ultimate Rumbling, I had it once, but it was before trophies and I have no lasting proof.
  • Obtain one million PoE.
  • More bilging trophies.

Nagging Accomplishments

  • Obtained first career injury on the Ice Ocean on September 4th, 2007. (A patch eye)
  • Amazingly, obtained second career injury on the hunter ocean the next day. (A peg leg)
  • Obtained #1 bilge trophy, even if it was on ice. I suppose I also obtained the #1 rigging, TH and SF trophies on Ice. I had #1 Poker on Opal.