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This chart shows the steps you ake to get from a certain "tileset" (the 'START') to create another type of set (the 'FINISHED AREA'). For example, the first transition shown is from the sea to a beach - first you lay down white sand, then regular sand, and finally darker sand. If a set has a note in it like {this}, it means you find what's in the brackets and continue from the first step of that set. If you see a * in a start note, it means the finished area will be at least one tile wider than the original layout. When a tile is marked in bold, that is the actual edge tile - it's the one fringing with what you're building from/to.

Just a note: 'dirt area' is the one that will most likely become your shiny little friend - it blends with pretty much everything.

SEA White sand Sand Sand (darker) -- -- BEACH
BEACH* Rough Dirt Dirt (crusty) Dirt (bumpy) -- -- DIRT AREA
BEACH* Solid Rock Rock (dark) {DIRT AREA} -- -- ROCK
BEACH Dirt (brown) Brush Bushy Grass Grass (thick) FOREST BED
DIRT AREA Grass (thick) Grass (patchy) Grass Grass (lite) -- GRASSY AREA

Please note, for rock, you're really going to want to strategically place "real" rocks over it. This one is the only area I simply can't get a decent fringe going.

And now, pictures to really explain it!

  • Step one: create a shape.
Step 1
  • Step two: move a smidge inland and lay out the beach.
Step 2
  • Step three: smooth & transition.
Step 3

Please do not edit this page. Use the discussion page to address any concerns. It's a work in progress, pictures/more explainations to come shortly.

I'm still trying to work on it, and I'm still the only one I'd like working on this page, at least for now.