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About Me

Hoy! I am a 24 yr old Washingtonian.

I would just like to say I love PuzzlePirates! This community is friendly and quite helpful. Most rpgs only entertain me for a month. I've been playing this game actively since June 2005 and have thrown myself into building up my crew and my stats.

Contact me through PM in the forums or send me a tell in-game.

In-game Info

I am known as Bluedahlia and nothing else. I play only on the Viridian ocean with the crew Neptune's Navy. Rank is Senior Officer.

My favorite activity is shopping, whether for new outfits or swords I like to spend. To support my shopping sprees I pillage frequently. My ultimate goal in PP is to memm the whole ocean, currently working on the Garnet arch. Favorite ship stations is the Sails followed by Carpentary.

My Contributions

As far as YPPedia goes I will only be editing my crew's page, Neptune's Navy. I would ask that people not edit this page too much save for tags or links.