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yppRAW is a GIMP plugin for importing the .RAW files in the Puzzle Pirates distribution. Due to GPL restrictions, I cannot distribute binaries, as I have no intention (nor inclination) to distribute the GIMP myself. I can, however, provide source code.

The work is based closely on the GIMP-provided source for a .BMP importer. My thanks go out to the authors of that plugin, as yppRAW wouldn't be here without it.

I did this work a while ago, when working on the Governor's Toolkit, so I can't remember step-by-step how to reproduce the binary. My apologies - I do know that this will compile under MSVC++ 6.0, however, linked against the GIMP 2.0 distribution. Instructions for creating plugins are included with the GIMP source. Read them carefully, as several other commonly available Open Source projects are required for compilation. Getting the build environment up and running took me less than an hour, if memory serves.

Source Files